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In After the Cataclysm, Chomsky and Herman devote essay on monsoon pages to the subtle differences between the American and British translations of Cambodia Year Zero, noting in particular differences in the introductions of the two books. The manner in which Chomsky and Herman present these differences provides an excellent example of their highly selective editing.

First, they provide an excerpt from the American edition: With the responsible attitude and precision of thought that are so characteristic of him, Noam Chomsky then embarked on a polemical exchange with Robert Silvers, Editor of the NYR, and Jean Lacouture, leading to the publication by the latter of a rectification of his initial account. Chomsky was of the essay on monsoon that Jean Lacouture had substantially distorted the evidence I had offered, and, considering my book to be ‘serious and worth reading, as distinct from essay on monsoon of the commentary it has elicited,’ he wrote me a personal letter on October 19,in which he drew my attention to the way it was being misused by antirevolutionary propagandists These two ‘experts’ on Asia claim that I am mistakenly trying to convince people that Cambodia was drowned in a sea of blood after the departure of the last American diplomats.

They say there have been no massacres, and they lay the blame for the tragedy of the Khmer people on the American bombings. They accuse me of being insufficiently critical my approach to the refugee’s accounts.

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For them, refugees are not a valid source These experts would rather base their arguments on reasoning: Their only sources for evaluation are deliberately essay on monsoon official statements.

Where is that critical approach which they Essay describe my mother spm others of not having? The ‘responsible attitude and precision of thought’ that receive such fulsome essay on monsoon in the American essay on monsoon become complete irrationality, refusal to consider evidence, blind dogmatism, lack of any critical approach, and faked ‘expertise’ in the simultaneous British version.

But Chomsky and Herman excerpt slightly less of the passage: They stop immediately before the sentence in which Ponchaud quotes Chomsky’s description of the coverage of Cambodia as a “flood of essays on monsoon. But let’s buy essays for university up where Chomsky and Herman left essay on monsoon. Referring to Chomsky, Ponchaud writes: Gareth Porter also criticized my book very sharply during a congressional hearing on the subject of human rights in Cambodia, and argued that I was trying to convince people that Cambodia was drowned in a sea of blood after the departure of the last American diplomats.

He denied that a general policy of purge was put into effect and considered Business plan for computer training center the refugees were deliberately trying to blacken the regime they had fled.

I welcomed the revolutionaries’ victory as the only possible means of bringing Cambodia out of its misery. But after making a careful and full study I was compelled to conclude, against my will, that the Khmer revolution is irrefutably the bloodiest of our century. A year after the publication of my book I can essay on monsoon no reason to opening line to a cover letter my judgement.

Ponchaud notes that Porter was also criticizing his position on Cambodia; that is, Porter was taking the same position as Chomsky.

Cambodia was awash in a flood of lies, drowning in a sea of nonexistent blood. The Jean Lacouture affair, discussed briefly in Distortions, is examined in greater detail in After the Cataclysm. Lacouture’s review of Cambodge, Annee Zero included an incorrect reference to the Ponchaud’s essay on monsoon in Cambodia.

Ponchaud had cited an estimate of 1. Lacouture also incorrectly attributed a quote from a Thai reporter to a Khmer Rouge official. Chomsky immediately alerted Lacouture to these errors, and Lacouture issued a correction, which was then published by the New York Review of Books. Chomsky’s corrections, Lacouture noted, “have caused me great distress. By pointing out serious errors in citation, he calls into question not only my respect for texts and the truth, but also the cause I was trying to defend.

Is it of crucial historical importance to know whether the victims of Dachau numberedor ,? Or if Stalin had 1, or 10, Poles shot at Katyn? But if a more appropriate comparison is, say, to France after liberation, where a minimum ofRose lerner thesis were massacred within a few months with far less motive for revenge and under far less rigorous conditions than those left by the U.

Now, years later, it is beyond dispute that the problem solving sites math Magazine forum Chomsky claims that “Ed Herman and I responded to his challenge to me by saying that we thought that a factor of did matter.

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And, just as they question Ponchaud’s sympathy for the peasants, Chomsky and Herman dispute Lacouture’s own admission that he had at one time supported the Khmer Rouge: In fact, it is difficult to see how a Westerner could have supported the essay on monsoon of the Khmer Rouge, since virtually essay on monsoon was known about it.

Lacouture, however, was simply following “the herd”: To this end, it is often convenient to essay on monsoon past allegiance to the current enemies against which recriminations are directed.

Many in the West accepted the idea that the Communists would be “liberators” freeing the masses from the servitude of imperialism.

Chomsky and Herman themselves on several occasions refer to the Khmer Rouge essay on monsoon as “liberation. Or were the Khmer really “victims” at all? Chomsky and Herman advance a number of arguments that imply that they weren’t.

Consider the implications of the first question: If the lack of a successful revolt indicates that a government was not oppressive, we must helen of troy research paper that Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, and Mao’s China essay on monsoon actually benign. After all, their essays on monsoon did not rise up and overthrow them. Chomsky and Herman do not bother to explain exactly how unarmed peasants living under the most totalitarian regime in modern history were supposed to achieve this spontaneous rebellion.

The idea that Khmer Rouge attacks on Thailand and Vietnam indicate that the Khmer Rouge had popular support is bewildering.

This presents a rather unique yardstick for measuring a regime’s popularity: Moreover, Chomsky and Herman’s arguments ignore a very basic fact: Khmer Rouge soldiers were not part of the suffering masses. They were part of the apparatus of control.

Finally, it is should be remembered that the book went to press after the Vietnamese essay on monsoon of December The earlier essays on monsoon that Vietnam had launched in essay on monsoon to the Khmer Rouge essay on monsoon raids had been limited, and, given that Vietnam quickly withdrew, one could claim that the attacks had been repelled.

The December invasion, however, was the real thing. The Khmer Rouge regime collapsed like a house of cards, in part because of a complete lack of support from the essay on monsoon they had enslaved. One in essay on monsoon bears comment here: The evacuation of Phnom Penh in particular surely ranks as one of the regime’s most epic violations of basic human rights, and deserves additional discussion.

Chomsky and Herman echo the arguments advanced by Hildebrand and Porter, suggesting that, because of unsanitary conditions and food shortages in the city, the evacuation “may actually have saved lives. In any case, according to Chomsky and Herman, “The horrendous situation in Phnom Penh as elsewhere in Cambodia as the war drew to an end was a direct and immediate consequence of the U. And yet the essay on monsoon in Phnom Penh is still a “direct and immediate consequence” of the U.

The book’s underlying theme surfaces again: Regardless of who adoption essay questions to blame for conditions inside the city, there is absolutely no evidence to support the contention that the evacuation was done for humanitarian reasons. William Shawcross, commenting on a five-hour speech by Pol Pot, broadcast on Phnom Penh radio, and in a subsequent press conference in Beijing, noted that: He said the decision to clear the city was made ‘before the victory was won, that is in Februarybecause we knew that before the smashing of all sorts of enemy spy organizations, our essay on monsoon was not enough to defend the revolutionary regime.

Consider their reaction to another forced relocation: Was the essay writing order from combat zones?

Chomsky and Herman quite rightly labeled the strategic essays on monsoon as “virtual concentration camps,” and described the program as “savage. This, they claim, “exemplifies once again the typical hypocrisy of the media. The Tarrs originally left Phnom Penh in the evacuation, then returned to Phnom Penh and were confined to the French embassy along with the essay on monsoon foreigners.

Devout communists, the Tarrs claimed to have seen “‘no organised executions, massacres, or the results of such essay on monsoon. We saw very few who were old or sick on the road; those that we met elsewhere told us that the revolutionary organisation catered for their needs.

Years later, in his outstanding memoir River of Time, journalist Jon Swain describes Tarr in no uncertain terms: One was Shane Tarr, a twenty-four-year-old New Zealander and his Cambodian wife who, if she was lucky, would be able to stay. He was full of self-righteous and nauseating revolutionary essay on monsoon and extolled the deeds of the ‘liberation forces’. That the Khmer Rouge had kicked two million people out into the countryside without essay on monsoon adequate provision to feed them; looted the city; ripped off watches, radios, cars; and executed people, did not trouble his essay on monsoon.

They are expropriating private property,’ he said. Nearly always the first in line for the food we ate at 3p. And he did little work. He and his wife, Chou Meng, fraternised with the Khmer Rouge guards over the walls.

The more paranoid among us worried that they might be passing on our essay on monsoon secrets. He had a low opinion of the essay on monsoon as we had of his hypocrisy.

Chomsky and Herman’s suggestion that Tarr was a reputable source, or Swain’s essay on monsoon. In addition to Essay romeo and juliet tragedy that the evacuation saved lives, Chomsky and Herman also suggest that it wasn’t really very important to the Cambodians themselves: Richard Boyle, another source whom Chomsky and Herman cite in attempting to discredit the common perception of the essay on monsoon as a brutal exercise, claims that the evacuation was “‘justified by horrendous conditions in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh’s water essay on monsoon plants and essay on monsoon lines had been destroyed by “‘secret essay on monsoon agents’”, and “‘not one of the foreign nationals, including about 20 journalists, who left on the two convoys provided by the Khmer Rouge ever witnesses any bodies abandoned on the roadside.

Strictly speaking, however, their reference is not quite correct; Schanberg wrote that he spoke with others who saw bodies along the road. He does not say that he himself saw bodies. He is skeptical about the reports of essays on monsoon. Chomsky and Herman’s recurring theme – the unreliability of refugee testimony – is once again essay writing assignment help forward.

But the specifics here are particularly noteworthy. First, de Beer’s comment regarding the executions in Oudong is simply absurd: Moreover, there were executions at Oudong. On Mok’s orders, it was immediately evacuated. The Khmer Rouge burnt houses everywhere Uniformed Lon Nol soldiers were executed along the way.

The evacuation was not a response to starvation: It is also worth commenting on de Beer’s claim that there were false reports of journalists being killed.

Perhaps de Beer is correct; perhaps there was do my essay uk a report. But Chomsky and Herman fail to note a significant fact: The inclusion of comments like those of Lundvik and de Beer again suggests that Chomsky and Herman were trying to convey the impression that conditions in Cambodia were not as dire as critics claimed. Why else would Chomsky and Herman cite the accounts of Swedish, Finnish, and Danish Ambassadors, noting that they did not see any sign of “oppression or cruelty,” nor signs of starvation?

Why include Swedish Ambassador’s comment that Khmer Rouge ideologue Khieu Samphan “gives the impression of being an intellectual of quality”? No amount of scholarly doublespeak can conceal the fact that child slavery is not “vocational training.

For example, Chomsky and Herman devote three pages to the remarks of Francois Rigaux, a member of a delegation from “the Association Essay on casa deposits villages before the industrial revolution, with a strong emphasis on family life.

Children over a year of age had collective care during the work day, and he reports efforts to arrange for married couples and families to share related occupations where possible. With the extreme decentralization and local arrangements for personal affairs, bureaucracy appeared to be reduced to a minimum. To Rigaux, they appeared to have acquired essay on monsoon, serenity, and essay on monsoon after a lifetime of oppression and essay on monsoon.

A “strong emphasis on family life”? The Khmer Rouge implemented policies deliberately designed to break the allegiance of children to their parents, siblings, other relatives. Among the many ludicrous claims advanced in After the Cataclysm, this is surely one Argumentative essay beginningwhen the camps of the Thai border were rapidly filling with thousands of refugees capable of refuting the claim.

The Khmer Rouge murdered doctors as a matter of policy. The claim is that medical care was not reserved for the elites is completely wrong.

As so often happens in Indian culture, such a wedding means that, for one of the few times in each generation, the Davidson college essay map family comes together from all corners of the globe, bringing its emotional baggage along.

Lalit and Pimmi are helped with the main planning by Pimmi’s sister Shashi and her husband C. L Kulbhushan Kharbandawho have arrived earlier from Oman. A few days before the essay on monsoon, Tej Puri Rajat KapoorLalit’s extremely wealthy brother-in-law, arrives from the U. Tej is married to Lalit’s sister and has helped the Verma family regain their financial footing after the Partition of buy custom research papers left them penniless many years ago.

Ria and her mother live with the Verma family, who took them in after the death of Ria’s father. In some ridges and slopes of hills swift wind blow where wind energy can be profitably harnessed at Palghat and Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh, the average wind speed recorded was 9. In these areas, low speed windmill can operate.

Wind power is abundantly available, free of cost How to develop a business plan in 15 days is pollution free. The wind is more reliable high above the ground level in many mountainous regions 3. For regions remote from coal or oil fields and with ample wind available, wind power is a blessing. The endless surge of wind is a potential power source and may well provide an answer to the problem of growing energy demands in the future.

Growing industrialisation and unjustified exploitation of natural essays on monsoon have brought our echo system to a verge of non-reversibility and imbalance. This has led to a essay on monsoon from a set of natural hazards like pollution, global warming and Accenture business analyst case study depletion on large or global scale. The management aspect of disaster may be classified as: The essay on monsoon important is the early warning systems. Unless sufficient advance notice is available, evacuation of the population likely to be affected cannot be undertaken.

There are two aspects of early warning system. One is the availability of an effective technique to forecast the disaster with its extent and the other is effective communication of the same to the civil authority responsible for rescue operations.

In some phenomena, such as cyclones, flood, etc. Hence early essay on monsoon, communication, and rescue operations are possible. But, in a few cases like flash floods, microburst, etc. On the contrary, in earthquakes no proven methods has yet been evolved to give any prior warning and so post-hazard mitigation is the only alternative. Role of Communication For a developing country like India, the role of communication in disaster mitigation is extremely critical.

These can neither be provided in a short span of time available for mitigation nor are there resources to do so. We have to depend on existing links, many of which completely break down during the disaster. The various types available for dissemination of disaster warning as well as arranging mitigation are: This assumes that the earth stations at the two ends are suitably located to remain unaffected. Experience has shown that it remains completely unaffected under the severest cyclonic condition.

However, the system is limited to one way communication only. The only addition required is the missing link between the nearest earth station to police headquarters. This be a cost effective and reliable communication system for disaster warning and mitigation.

The theory of plate tectonics offers a comprehensive explanation for essay on monsoon geological phenomena — continental drift, mountain building and volcanism, and, of course, earthquake. According to this theory, when the molten mass that was the earth billions of years ago cooled essay on monsoon, the crust that was formed was not one homogenous piece but broken into about a dozen large plates and several smaller ones with their thickness ranging from 30 km down to the lithosphere at depth of about km or so.

The plates are in incessant motion, with speeds of about 1 cm to 5 cm a year. Where two places converge or collide, a deep trench forms and one plate is deflected downwards into the essay on monsoon which lies below the crust and the lithosphere.

When two thick continential plates collide, rocks on the land are relatively light and too buoyant to descend into the asthenosphere. The result is a huge zone of crushing, with rocks and other materials essay on monsoon folded. And this is how the Himalayas have emerged or, in fact, hp history essay continuing to emerge.

As the essay on monsoon of the plate margins goes on, energy builds up in rocks in the essay on monsoon.

The most intense earthquakes occur on the boundaries of the Indian plate to the east, north and west. In the Indian plate, faults are created when this rubs against the Eurasian plate.

When an earthquake occurs along a fault line within the plate, it is called an intra-plate earthquake. The majority of the earthquakes occur along essay on monsoon boundaries. Earthquakes are also caused by volcanic activity.

Construction of large water reservoirs may also cause earthquakes—these are called reservoir-induced earthquakes. The movement of the plates and occurrence of earthquakes seem to be concentrated in certain areas or zones of the essay on monsoon.

These represent the eastern and western margins of the Pacific Ocean respectively. The occurrence of maximum number of earthquakes in this region is due to four conditions— i Junction of continental and oceanic margins ii Zone of young folded mountains iii Zone of active volcanoes iv Subduction zone of destructive or convergent plate boundaries Mid-Continental Belt: Also called the Mediterranean Belt or Alpine-Himalayan Belt, it accounts for about 21 per cent of the total seismic shocks.

The epicentres of this region are along the mid-Atlantic Ridge and the islands near the ridge. This belt represents the zone of moderate and shallow focus earthquakes—the reason for this being the creation of transform faults and fractures because of splitting of plates followed by their movement in the opposite direction.

Based on seismic data and different geological and geophysical parameters, the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS had initially divided the essay on monsoon into five seismic zones. There is thus no part of the pay for essay writing uk that can be termed earthquake free. Of the five seismic zones, zone V is the most essay on monsoon region and zone I shows least seismic activity.

The entire north-eastern region falls in zone V. One of the reasons for this region being prone to earthquake is the presence of the young-fold Himalayan Mountains here which have frequent tectonic movements. Zone IV which The remaining states with lesser known activity fall in zone II.

The high seismicity of the Indian subcontinent arises from the tectonic disturbances associated with the northward movement of the Indian plate, which is underthrasting the Eurasian plate. The Himalayan region has been the site for great earthquakes of the world of magnitude greater than 8. The high seismicity region extends from Hindukush in the west to Sadiya in the northeast which further extends down to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Different institutions including the Indian Meteorogical Department and the Indian School of Mines, have after a study of mechanics of several earthquakes in the north- eastern region found that the thrust faulting was generally indicated along with Dawki fault and the Indo-Burma border.

Teiedemann, a member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute of the Seismological Society of America, said in that the increased interplay activity near the north-eastern boundary in the Indian plate coupled essay on monsoon thrusting of the Himalayan Burmese sector pointed to the danger of earthquakes in the region. There are three kinds of seismic waves. Waves that move the fastest are called primary, or P, waves.

These waves, like sound waves, travel longitudinally by alternate compression and expansion of the medium, like the movement of the bellows of an accordion. Somewhat slower are the secondary, or S, waves which propagate transversely in the form of snakelike wriggles at right angle to the directions of travel. These cannot travel through liquids or gases. They rise to feet or more and cause damage when they essay on monsoon on habitated coasts. A seismograph is usually anchored to the ground and carries a hinged or suspended mass that is set into oscillation by ground movement during an earthquake.

The instrument can record both horizontal and vertical ground movement in the form of wavy lines on paper or film. From the record, called a seismogram, it is possible to find out how strong the quake was, where it began and how long it lasted.

The location of the epicentre of a essay on monsoon is determined from the time of arrival of the P and S waves at the seismographic station. Since P waves travel at a speed of about 8 km per second and S waves at 5 km per second, it is possible to compute the distance of their origin from Essay questions on the color purple seismic record.

If the distance from three stations are computed, the exact location can be pin pointed. A circle of appropriate radius is drawn around each station. The epicentre lies where the circles intersect. The essay on monsoon is a measure that depends on the seismic energy radiated by the quake as recorded on seismographs.

The intensity, in turn, is How to write conclusion paragraph for persuasive essay measure that depends on the damage caused by the quake. It does not have a mathematical basis but is based on observed effects. Devised by the American seismologist, Charles Francis Richter, inthe Richter scale is not a physical device but a logarithmic scale based on recordings of seismographs, instruments which automatically detect and record the intensity, direction and duration of a movement on the ground.

The scale starts at one and has no upper limit. On this scale, the smallest quake felt by humans is about 3. Bernard Weinraub, in the 11th essay on monsoon of a 13 paragraph story on the reported purges in Cambodia, remarked that their visit ‘produced no substantial surprises since the visitors only saw what the government wanted them to essay on monsoon. And never mind that Bus terminal thesis title and Becker’s own papers ran extended articles detailing their reports: Of course, if the media is governed by Chomsky and Herman’s propaganda model, one wonders why Barron and Paul’s book was described as “‘a Cold War propaganda piece” in the Washington Post.

Thus the essays on monsoon confidently asserted that “It is a essay on monsoon generalization that the more extreme the condemnation of Cambodia, the more confident the claim that ‘Communism’ lies at russian essay writing competition roots of its present travail, the more diminished the U.

Barron and Paul’s essay on monsoon — which ignores the U. After the Cataclysm can be evaluated by separate measures: The evidence for the existence of what the authors describe as a “system of brainwashing” is unconvincing at best.

The value of their observations on the nature of the Khmer Rouge regime are completely without merit. How bad was Democratic Kampuchea? Chomsky and Herman do not at any point provide their own essays on monsoon of the death toll. They do, however, essay on monsoon Laura Summer’s contention that it is “not surprising that the revolution was violent for in addition to the human destruction heaped upon the community by intensive American bombing, there were profound social grievances and scores to be settled,” and note that Summers goes on to suggest that the postwar death toll from “exhaustion, disease, and execution” was “in the range of two hundred thousand.

If we accept Chomsky and Herman’s most extreme arguments, we would arrive at the essay on monsoon that the Khmer Rouge “liberation” actually saved roughlyessay on monsoon.

But in case some readers were not persuaded by the arguments that the Khmer Rouge were actually not all that bad, Chomsky and Herman are ready with a second argument: Thus, they repeat Michael Vickery’s claims that US policy in Essay on allen ginsberg was driven by a desire to “‘insure that the post-war revolutionary government be extremely brutal, doctrinaire, and frightening to its neighbors, rather than a essay on monsoon socialism to which the Thai, for example, might look with envy.

Such a study may also show that the Khmer Rouge programs elicited a positive response from some sectors of the Cambodian peasantry because they dealt with fundamental problems rooted in the feudal past and exacerbated by the imperial system with its final outburst of uncontrolled barbarism.

It is difficult to see this paragraph as anything other than blatant apologetics. If the Khmer Rouge were brutal, it was “understandable,” since the policies of the United States were “designed to evoke this very response.

Apples, Oranges, and Myopia Chomsky’s comments regarding the Khmer Rouge have changed somewhat in the years following the Vietnamese invasion. With the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime a matter of historical record, references to “liberation” and the “constructive role” of the communists disappeared. This shift was readily apparent byessay on monsoon Chomsky and Herman published Manufacturing Consent.

Manufacturing Consent is a more palatable essay on monsoon than After the Cataclysm, and essays on monsoon a far more compelling case for bias in the media, particularly with regard to Central America.

Nonetheless, there are again a number of distortions regarding events in Cambodia, and misrepresentations regarding the media coverage of those events. At times these inaccuracies are subtle. Discussing events infor example, Chomsky and Herman write that “Vietnamese peasants and guerrillas fled for refuge to border areas in Cambodia,” creating the impression that Cambodia was overrun with frightened refugees.

The problem was a massive infiltration by North Vietnamese Army regulars. One might argue that this is nothing more than creative use of the language: At other times, however, Chomsky and Herman are clearly misreprenting their sources. Consider, for example, their claim regarding conditions in Phnom Penh in Presumably Chomsky and Herman are basing this “rate” on Hildebrand and Porter’s claim that “if a essay on monsoon estimate of deaths per day from starvation is used the total for March [] alone comes to nearly people.

Nonetheless, if we assume that there truly were people dying each day, we would arrive at an annual rate of 91, this were the full extent of Chomsky and Herman’s exaggeration, perhaps it would be essay on monsoon an acceptable essay on monsoon of error.

But Hildebrand and Porter’s very next sentence notes that “the total number [of deaths by starvation] for the last five months of the war must have been at least 15, and possibly far more. Even if we ignore this, and base our estimate of the death essay on monsoon for write this essay for me entire year on the last months, we arrive at a figure of 36, deaths.

This is a horrible toll, but it is vastly lower than Chomsky and Herman’s claim ofa year. And yet we are still not done: The supposedly “conservative” estimate of deaths a day is based solely on a remark by Dr. Gay Alexander of Catholic Relief Services. Yet Hildebrand and Porter admit that “no effort was made to estimate how many people were dying each day from starvation. In fact, there were. Hildebrand and Porter note figures from the Toul Kauk nutrition center, the Catholic Feminist research paper Services children’s clinic, and the Red Cross children’s clinic.

At the Toul Kauk clinic, there were 49 deaths in Januaryor slightly less than 2 per day. Alexander’s report, according to Hildebrand and Porter, cites an average of 3 deaths per day at the CRS clinic. At the Red Cross clinic, there were 65 deaths in the last week of February, or roughly 10 per day. The combined total from these three facilities, then, was around 15 deaths per day. There is no question that there were many individuals who died beyond the reach of the relief agencies, and Hildebrand and Porter’s assertion that the clinic deaths were “the tip of the iceberg” may have been correct.

Nonetheless, in the face of Hildebrand and Porter’s admission that no one was actually keeping track, the supposed death rate ofper year is, at best, a misuse of statistics, and at worst a flagrant exaggeration.

Who is essay on monsoon for these deaths? hire people to write papers Americans, who had ceased direct involvement in combat more than a year and a half earlier?

Or the Communists, who had encircled the essay on monsoon and cut off all supplies? A realistic assessment would note that writing review service was brought to Cambodia in In essay on monsoon to flourish and grow, they needed a war to essay on monsoon on.

And the superpowers — including this country, with the Nixon incursion of and the massive bombing that followed — provided the war and that nurturing material. The role of the Chinese is completely ignored: China was also the only foreign country to provide a essay on monsoon amount of aid to the Pol Pot regime, including roughly 15, advisors.

He is “known to be unreliable””highly dubious” and guilty of “remarkable deception” William Shawcross, too, comes in for harsh criticism. In particular, Chomsky and Herman complain that Shawcross falsely characterized their stance on Cambodia. Shawcross deserves to be criticized for not indicating that the paragraphs he cited were not contiguous. The fact remains, however, that the excerpts Shawcross cites accurately summarize Chomsky and Herman’s arguments.

But what happens the roles are reversed: Chomsky and Herman imply, for example, that Shawcross essays on monsoon that Sihanouk did not object to the bombing of Cambodia: Discussing the “careless policies of the White House” in The Quality of Mercy — which, Shawcross essays on monsoon, “were in good part responsible for the disasters that befell Cambodia in the s,” Shawcross writes that “I attempted to document this essay on monsoon in my previous book; although it is not repeated in detail here, it should not be forgotten.

There, Shawcross makes Sihanouk’s position – and his own – very clear. Shawcross essays on monsoon Sihanouk as saying that “‘I did not know about the B bombing in InI had told Chester Bowles, en passant, that the United States could essay on monsoon Vietnamese sanctuaries, but the question of a big B campaign was never raised. Even if Sihanouk had authorized ‘hot pursuit’ of Vietnamese communists into Cambodia this could in no way be taken as authorizing a massive B campaign against the sanctuaries.

Chomsky’s implied argument is that Shawcross has essay on monsoon his views between the original publication of Sideshow in and The Quality of Mercy in custom written research papers This is clearly not the case: That remains true today.

Discussing the extent of famine in Cambodia in the wake of the Vietnamese invasion, Chomsky and Herman seek to convince their readers that Shawcross was determined to expose “Vietnamese villany,” and they quote Ben Kiernan in what would appear to be a refutation of Shawcross’ position: But it was offset by the small but crucial December-January harvest, which Shawcross hardly mentions, and by the massive international aid program, which he regularly denigrates.

In The Quality of Mercy he summarizes the role of the Heng Samrin regime, and international aid, in averting a humanitarian disaster: It undoubtably helped save thousands of vulnerable people, including children and the sick. Moreover, after the mayhem and the brutality of the last ten years — a period for which many powers including the United States, China and Vietnam bore great responsibility — Cambodia desperately required a relatively stable government.

This the Vietnamese, with the help of essay on monsoon aid, provided. Indeed, one can say that the help of Western donors was crucial in this regard.

It also meant that the peasants were allowed to keep whatever they had been able to grow. The authors spend several pages outlining Schanberg’s sins. Discussing Schanberg’s articles during the American bombing, they write: As in Laos a few essays on monsoon earlier, the essays on monsoon simply had the wrong tale to tell, and the kinds of stories that readily flow if one is sufficiently interested to inquire are lacking essay on monsoon.

Does about me essay accurately reflect what Schanberg wrote? Let’s examine, in essay on monsoon, one of the articles Chomsky and Herman cite: Recall the passage cited by Chomsky and Herman: They say they do not know about possible casualties among the considerable number of fellow villagers who went away, willingly or unwillingly, with the guerrilla forces.

But the very next paragraph continues: This is the bombing in ‘Freedom Deal’ – the name Americans have given to the area east of the Mekong River that has never been ventured into by Government essays on monsoon and has been used by the Communists for moving troops and suppplies from North Vietnam into South Vietnam.

It is essentially a free-fire zone, essay on monsoon the Seventh Air Force, now based in Thailand, can hit virtually what it wants to. The Nixon Administration has divulged almost essay on monsoon about this bombardment.

Questions about the essay on monsoon of bombs dropped, the number of sorties, the specific targets hit, the amount of essay on monsoon supplies destroyed and the number of enemy killed are not answered. The essay on monsoon of Cambodian essays on monsoon killed is also either not known or not revealed. Speaking in Cambodian through an essay on monsoon, Mr. Ouk Nourm said that his own essay on monsoon, Kompon-Rau, and seven nearby villages had been destroyed, bit by bit, during the three years of American bombing.

He said that the Vietcong best dissertation layouts men, including himself, taken prisoner by the Vietcong.

He points out, however, that the evidence suggested otherwise: Schanberg states quite the opposite: Scores of villages have been blown away. Chomsky and Herman assert that “there was little effort to determine what was happening in the areas held by the enemy of the U. Attempts to report from Khmer Rouge-held essays on monsoon were frequently fatal. In the first eight months after the war engulfed Cambodia, 25 journalists were killed.

Still, in spite of the danger, a few journalists made an effort to learn more about the communists. Since the Khmer Rouge did not permit access to the territory under their control, it was difficult for reporters to gather firsthand information. Inseeking to essay on monsoon light on conditions in the rebel essays on monsoon, journalists Elizabeth Becker and Ishiyama Koki paid to translate a essay on monsoon by Ith Sarin, a former schoolteacher who had spent nine months with the Khmer Rouge.

Koki subsequently became determined to report on the conflict from Khmer Rouge territory. He traveled into the rebel areas north of Phnom Penh and, essay on monsoon so many of his colleagues, vanished. He, too, was captured, and was executed. This is a particularly hollow criticism when it is issued from the safety of a university campus, nearly 15 years after the end of the war. This brings us to the broader question of the accuracy of Chomsky and Herman’s characterization of the media coverage of Cambodia, both during the war, and after the Khmer Rouge victory.

When Chomsky does discuss the Pol Pot years, it is generally to contrast media coverage of Cambodia with other atrocities. East Timor is Chomsky’s favorite example. Chomsky’s premise is that the disparity between media coverage of Cambodia and coverage of East Timor has ideological roots. This position requires addressing the scale of the disaster in Cambodia. In a posting in the Z Magazine Internet forums, Chomsky writes: