Who is MySections for?

MySections HTML5 generator is dedicated to webdesigners who want to build modern content for websites with minimum effort and cost. It is very easy to use and requires no skills to use. The process for creating content is very straightforward. It doesn’t matter whether you are a private person or a professional.

What technologies is MySections based on?

It is purely based on native browser support for JavaScript and HTML5 features. There is no need for any browser plug-in to be additionally installed.

How does it work??

In order to start working with mySections HTML5 generator you need to create an account. When account is created you will be able to store your work on the cloud as well as get back to it anytime you would like make changes. Using our online generator you will create your interactive content. This content then can be integrated on your website. You can also use our site to show your content.

What’s the number of interactive content that I can store?

You can store unlimited, and up to 1GB of images/videos.

Where can I get support?

After logging click “Go to editor” and then click “Support”.
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